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AUG 2018

Transparent pricing, more than just a price of service
Transparent pricing is a “hot topic” in the legal industry further to announcements made by the SRA and CLC earlier this year. There is undoubtedly some opposition from law firms despite 75% of solici ...

JUL 2018

How can technology benefit a law firm's workflows and processes
Do you use any of the following brands: Amazon, easyJet, Uber, AirBnB? If so, you’ll be aware how we interact with brands has significantly changed. The days of visiting a store to buy something neces ...

MAY 2018

What does transparent pricing actually mean
A few years ago, our bathroom was renovated by a builder. I chose to use them after being provided a quote of £2,500 to get the project completed. The final bill came in at almost £3,800. Upon challen ...

MAR 2018

The importance of instant communication
Technology is changing the attitude of customers, and services have got to be more immediate and ‘on demand’. Legal services are no different. According to recent research, client expectations have c ...

NOV 2017

How technology is changing the customer experience
The fast pace and continuous evolution of technology is changing the way consumers interact with businesses and the type of customer service they expect to receive. It has become increasingly more co ...

SEP 2017

Managing your referrer relationships
We all know that referrer relationships (predominately with real estate agents and mortgage brokers) are important components to a successful conveyancing business but why is it that some referrers ar ...

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