April 28, 2021

App-Based Digital Onboarding Solution by InfoTrack & Perfect Portal

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Perfect Portal
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Streamline client onboarding with your very own mobile app.

Electronic client onboarding solution (eCOS) is a powerful advancement within the legal industry. Perfect Portal, a market-leading legal technology provider, has integrated eCOS into their branded mobile app for law firms to provide a streamlined digital onboarding journey for their clients.

This seamless integration of both technologies is now accessible through a mobile app, allowing you to access the InfoTrack platform and simplify the process of onboarding, from the convenience of a mobile phone.  

eCOS connects law firms with their clients through a single portal, condensing the onboarding process, digitally, from weeks into less than two hours. The ability to verify identity and funds authentically and safely in a single, data-driven solution for law firms is radical and has been welcomed by firms to support the conveyancing industry in a time of crisis.

“Given the circumstances of the past year, we were searching for alternatives to better support our clients throughout the onboarding process,” discusses Amy Church, Managing Partner at Lucas & Wyllys Solicitors. “As the pandemic prevented new clients from visiting the branch, we reached out to Perfect Portal once we discovered they were offering their premium members a fully-integrated digital solution for onboarding clients.”

Combined, these technologies are designed to streamline the client onboarding data within a property transaction. The earlier the data is gathered, the better informed all parties in the transaction are.

Amy continues, “Once we discovered how easy it was for our clients to reach compliance, and how the level of automation enabled our staff to manage a higher concentration of matters – we just wished we invested in the tech before the pandemic obliged us to do so!”

eCOS is accessible through a firm’s tailored mobile app, designed to reflect their brand by Perfect Portal’s in-house graphic design team. From verification of identity (VOI) to verification of funds (VOF), Law Society protocol forms to e-signatures; eCOS challenges the traditional use of point solutions by providing a fully connected tool kit within the InfoTrack platform. This integration puts the conveyancer in the driving seat by collecting data early to complete conveyancing transaction more quickly.

eCOS, the user-friendly, paperless solution for onboarding has been incredibly popular amongst new and existing law firms that use Perfect Portal’s technology. As we offer various integrations with some of the leading legal suppliers, the capture of early client data can be seamlessly transferred, diminishing the need for double keying whilst further enhancing overall efficiencies. Our mission has always been to help our law firms become more efficient and client-centric. We are constantly innovating our offerings and integrating with other leading technologies to provide our firms with a competitive edge.” Yvonne Hirons, Founder & CEO of Perfect Portal explains.

As well as increasing digital security measures whilst reducing the timeframe of onboarding, this integration also reduces the likelihood of human error through a user-friendly interface that displays a step-by-step guide of actionable tasks. Complete/incomplete sections are presented, and each category within the onboarding process is marked in a percentile form so the consumer and the fee earner can monitor the progression of their matter.  

This ground-breaking technology couldn’t be summed up more accurately than Scott Bozinis, CEO of InfoTrack and a self-confessed advocate for analogies. “Before oyster cards, people had to queue up on a daily basis to buy tickets for the underground. Now, commuters use contactless payment methods to travel. Although the act of travelling hasn’t changed, the capacity to purchase and make their way onto the designated platform has been simplified. This is eCOS. We have utilised technology and streamlined digital processes through our integration with Perfect Portal to ensure law firms/conveyancing establishments have the tools to work more efficiently, whilst their clients can experience a more user-friendly, time effective onboarding process via the firm’s app.

About InfoTrack & Perfect Portal: InfoTrack and Perfect Portal, together provide complete onboarding and client-centric solutions from start to completion for law firms, digitally. Enhance your client experience by offering integrated features such as verification of ID, verification of funds, payment on account and e-signatures through our secure cloud and app-based technology. Unlock the power of digital conveyancing with InfoTrack and Perfect Portal.

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