March 1, 2021

Conveyancing Under Covid – From Dickensian to Digital

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The impact of the pandemic in the world of conveyancing has been a multi-faceted affair.

Thom Wilkinson, Head of Property and Environmental Law at MW&W believes such issues can be segmented into three main categories: Documentary, physical docs, originally in wet ink form; Explanatory/Evidential, from physical meetings with clients to witnessing deeds; Supervisory & Regulatory, to ensure firms are complying with the Solicitors Regulation Authority.

“The solution to all of these has only been made possible by the hard work, flexibility, dedication and pragmatic approach of the profession as a whole. However, it has been ably assisted in many cases by the increased use of various IT solutions and the regulatory changes or accommodation that have made a number of these possible.”

This piece also discusses the digital tools that have enabled law firms to sustain effective modes of communication with their clients, colleagues and more. He also touches on how age-old practices are changing, and how the latest processes and applications are allowing conveyancers and commercial property solicitors to conduct their daily working responsibilities effectively whilst working remotely.

Other areas of coverage include remote desktop applications, case management software, ID verification, Skype, Zoom and team calls, telephony, scanning and printing from home, HM Land Registry and HMRC as well as exploring what’s next for the world of conveyancing.

Modern Law Issue 49
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