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March 15, 2021

Digitising Conveyancing by Peter Ambrose

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Peter Ambrose, Managing Director at The Partnership, identifies some key reasons for firms’ apprehensive standing toward digital processes in the world of conveyancing:

  1. Too much paper – although there is a growing acceptance that a paperless industry is the future, Peter believes preliminary attempts in switching to digital has created a cause for concern for those who had been exposed to early failings.
  2. Painful onboarding processes – just because numerous providers claim in offering a more seamless electronic onboarding system, it doesn’t necessarily mean they deliver on their promises. Establishing the top tech providers and identifying the most effective systems is integral in a positive transition to digital processes.
  3. Proper technology – again, only exercise the idea of transitioning to a tech provider which endorses the latest, most up-to-date processes. An example would be to utilise platforms that embrace cloud-based software to enable conveyancers and solicitors to access important information wherever it is they may be.
  4. Electronic Signatures – what should have been a celebration in the industry soon turned paradoxical. Practitioners raised concerns over the security of e-signature technology, without the realisation that wet ink signature processes were gravely flawed in their ability to prevent fraudulent activity.

These issues aren’t presented to deter legal providers from adopting digital processes. In fact, it aims to present an impartial view of the prospective implications that can arise during the transition.

It also succeeds in its ability to illustrate the importance of exploring different technology providers currently on the market. Treat it like moving home, the more viewings you have, the more confident you become in your decision of choosing the right place in alignment to your preferences.  

A combinative approach of technologies with integrated processes is almost always the way forward and adopting the right technology for your law firm will ensure that the transition to digital will be done so seamlessly.

Modern Law Issue 49
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