November 11, 2022

Turn customers into advocates with easy online reviews

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Perfect Portal
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Perfect Portal has teamed up with online review site ReviewSolicitors to make it easier than ever for law firm clients to shout about the brilliant service they’ve received.

Review sites have transformed how the public make decisions about who they’re going to give their business to, with a staggering 93% of customers saying they read online reviews before making a decision.

So it stands to reason that if a customer is willing to read a review when they’re on the lookout for a hotel or, restaurant, they’d also want to read one when making a crucial decision like picking a law firm.

That’s where ReviewSolicitors comes in. It’s home to one of the largest review-based databases in the UK, and lets customers give ratings and write reviews on law firms they’ve instructed.

This is important because in a sea of online reviews, being one of the few that can’t be found online can impact on a firm’s chances of earning  new business. ReviewSolicitors also help turn customers into fans and brand advocates. This isn’t marketing spiel – it’s part of the modern reality of being a business in the online and social media world.  

But people are busy, and one of the challenges for any company is trying to get customers to take that time to leave a score or review.

Some firms resort to sending follow up emails or texts. A strategy that might not always be successful.

So Perfect Portal has come up with the perfect solution. It’s created a widget which can be quickly and easily integrated with ReviewSolicitors. This means customers can easily rate firms and that review and score is sent directly to ReviewSolicitors. There’s no need to come out of one system and go into another - everything is streamlined, simple and user-friendly.

It helps bring in more direct business too, because if someone is looking through reviews on ReviewSolicitors and wants a quote from a PerfectPortal law firm, they can do so without being directed to a new web page.

And because most ReviewSolicitors visitors come via Google searches, this also opens up another route for clients to find law firms.


“Reviews are becoming more and more important. More and more consumers expect to find a review before instructing a firm.” Says Saleem Arif, Co-Founder at ReviewSolicitors. 

“What we’ve seen is that firms that use reviews and actively collect reviews from clients are really seeing the benefit. They’re not looking for the cheapest, but someone who knows what they’re doing. That’s we do. We help good firms actually demonstrate that to potential clients through the quality of the reviews.”

One concern some firms might have is, if a review is inaccurate or damages their reputation, but ReviewSolicitors has a built-in tool designed to take that stress away. It means if anyone leaves a defamatory or false review it can betaken down immediately.

“Law firms are absolutely loving it.” Saleem added. “Every Perfect Portal client that I’ve spoken to about the integration are really thrilled with the results.”
Turn customers into advocates with easy online reviews: Plugin makes rating your firm simpler than ever
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