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Moving from a paper-based environment to a digital landscape, our client-facing technology speeds up the customer onboarding process significantly whilst also offering a seamless and easy-to-complete onboarding journey. Our industry-enriching technologies vastly reduce the time it takes to onboard clients, helping your firm save time and money whilst maintaining a competitive edge.

Our experts at Perfect Portal have crafted a streamlined digital client onboarding process that streamlines your working processes. The benefits of digital onboarding are plentiful, especially to those in the financial and legal sectors. Start your digital onboarding experience with Perfect Portal today.
Smoothly onboard clients all within one user-friendly central hub
Our range of digital onboarding features allows your firm to exceed client expectations whilst keeping all case details in one centralised place.
Verification of Identity
Verification of Funds
Payment on Account
Document Share
TA6 Part 1 Form
Law Society Forms
Personalised Matter Updates
Client Reviews
“We have experienced a subsequent rise in the past year of clients opting to use our tailored mobile app throughout the compliance stage; we are now at 70% of our overall audience downloading and completing the onboarding process directly through our mobile app.”
Paul Lyons, Managing Partner
Lyons Bowe Solicitors
Revolutionising up front collection of property data
Early Data TA6 Part 1 utilises digital data more effectively between sellers, agents, buyers and conveyancers to market a UK property. Sellers can access the TA6 Part 1 questions within your law firm’s mobile app to conveniently complete them at a pre-instruction stage.
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Receive Payment on Account faster with your own payment platform
Simplify your clients' payment methods through our integrated Payment on Account feature. Join our firms who have received payment within minutes.
Simple - Enhance user experience by streamlining the payment process
Fast - Receive payments within minutes with Stripe's market-leading payment solution
Secure - Take advantage of a PCI-certified payment software
Enhance client journey from pre-instruction to completion with all communication in one place
Simplify communication processes between clients and allocated employees at your law firm with the in-app chat facility. Save time by reducing the volume of calls and emails.


Have quick one-on-one chats with anyone involved with the matter or create group chats between different parties. Flexible settings allow you to stay in control of the conversation.

Document Share

Securely send important documents to all parties involved in the matter. Export chat and documents straight into your case management system to assist with compliance procedures.
Speedily obtain client's signatures with the in-app function
Enable your clients to electronically sign relevant documents quickly and securely straight from your firm's branded app.
Efficient - Speed-up processes and reduce manual admin tasks
Convenient - Clients can review and sign documents while on-the-go without having to print and scan files
Digital verification of identity and funds within one dynamic workflow
Our award-winning integrated technology enables clients the capacity to verify their identity and funds via the firm’s branded mobile app or online portal.
Secure - Protect your client by using ID validation technology that prevents fraudulent activity
Simplistic - Clear & unambiguous steps to reach compliance
Time efficient - Most users verify their identity in under five minutes
Using the most accurate customer verification tool supported by: 225 million identities verified worldwide, over 4,000 ID documents in more than 200 countries and trusted by leading brands including Metro Bank, HSBC, Monzo, Barclays, Nationwide and more
Integration with eCOS, electronic client onboarding solution by InfoTrack
Seamless journey for your clients and your staff
The eCOS workspace can be launched from your existing Case Management System and the Law Society Protocol & InfoTrack smart forms can be easily ordered by your staff and completed directly from the app by your clients. These forms include TA6, Seller Questionnaire, Fittings and Contents, Property Information Form, Leasehold Form, Purchases Questionnaire, Gifted Deposit Declaration and more.
Innovative solution for improved client experience
The smart dynamic forms are less overwhelming to complete and the Law Society Guidance notes help the clients with questions. Digitalised completion of the forms allows for automatic pre-population of data which helps for quicker completion of onboarding.
Automated Matter
Progress Updates
Save time, enhance user experience and keep all parties updated with unique personalised key stage updates.

Each party involved in the matter is sent an immediate push notification with a personalised message once a key stage is triggered by your fee earner or from workflows within your case management system.
An intelligent digital channel
Streamline your client onboarding process with everything you need in one complete solution
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