April 12, 2021

David vs Goliath: Why you don't need to be a giant to still succeed

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Those familiar with Malcolm Gladwell’s 2013 book of a similar title will perceive the average underdog in a different light. For those who haven’t, here is a condensed summary: The David’s of this world succeed much more than we’d expect.

Paul Lyons, Managing Partner at Lyons Bowe Solicitors, shares how his small to mid-sized law firm has maintained a consistent level of growth, whilst ensuring the atypical circumstances caused by the pandemic hasn’t deterred his law firm from producing a high-quality level of customer experience.

“The first-time buyers are used to the way that they’re functioning as a technologically-savvy customer. Their estate agents have apps, their mortgage brokers have apps, and their banks have apps – all providing real time visuals of their progress. So, a law firm needs to have the same capabilities.”

Emphasising the importance of integrated software systems, Lyons Bowe has also recognised the power of their latest branded mobile app, and how it has boosted efficiencies for all parties involved within a transaction. Staff at Lyons Bowe were taken aback by the volume of new clients that opt to onboard, track and complete their journey through the firm’s mobile app as opposed to opting to carry-out their case with existing procedures.  

Paul continues by highlighting how creating the right impression to the outside world is paramount for company image, and this can be done so by providing your clients with the option to carry out their journey through separate means, including via the adoption of technological processes…

Other areas discussed in this Q&A-style piece include:

  • Roadblocks to investment in technology
  • Attitudes toward digitisation
  • Increasing examples of fraud

Modern Law Issue 49
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