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Industry-Leading Legal Referrals Software

The smart way to work with your staff, clients, referrers and all parties involved in a transaction.
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Improve efficiencies, simplify processes,
and build strong referral relationships
Maximise your reach and grow your referrer network by making it easier for your referrers to generate, send, and manage leads on your firm’s behalf.
Speed up the transaction process and exceed client expectations
Provide your referrers with a easy way to enter client details and send leads automatically into your firm's portal, enabling a seamless referral procedure with live matter progress updates.
Quick & Efficient - Referrers can quickly generate and manage leads for all matter types, directly from your firm's branded app.
Flexible - Remain in control of client communication with fully branded quotes and manage permissions for individual referrers.
Improved Visibility - Referrers can view all matter activity at a glance and receive personalised key stage updates.
Referral leads convert 30% better than leads generated from other marketing channels
“By making our efficiency-enhancing tech available to all parties, including referrers and third parties, it has never been easier for law firms to receive leads without adding to their workload pressures.”
Yvonne Hirons
CEO & Founder at Perfect Portal
Bringing all parties together within one comprehensive workflow
Build a strong network with an improved referral experience
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