March 8, 2021

Thriving Through a Period of Uncertainty

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Perfect Portal
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Public opinion on the effects of the pandemic isn’t promising. According to the UK consumer sentiment, 37% of the population believe there will be a long-lasting impact on the economy and a lengthy recession in the post-pandemic world.

Yet, it shouldn’t be all doom and gloom, and the title and contents of this article offer a positive spin upon proceedings. Although the statistics appear rather damning, these are only, after all, statistics based upon public opinion.

Law firms that have been open to change and have endorsed digital processes to replace the conventional structures of their businesses have experienced a sustained increase in revenue over the last year. This has been especially prevalent within firms that offer their clients conveyance-related requests, most notably since the government’s announcement and subsequent extension of the SDLT.

“The key to a successful business is to be able to grow from a recession rather than simply surviving one. Some businesses will downsize the number of heads and that ultimately applies more pressure to the rest of the business. Is it the correct course of action? If a business is thinking of ways to survive, then they might become more vulnerable during this time.”

Here, Sattu Dhaliwal, Marketing Manager at Perfect Portal, analysis the wider implications of the pandemic, identifying how law firms can continue to adapt, outgrowing their competitors through the utilisation of the latest technological processes.

This piece also illustrates how prioritising customer experience can optimise conversions, as well as exploring operational efficiencies and the importance of seizing every opportunity through a proactive as opposed to a reactive philosophy amongst the staff of your law firm.

Modern Law Issue 49
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