April 5, 2021

Lessons from Lockdown: Fast-paced change demands resilience and adaptability from law firms

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Tolerance of ambiguity (TA), a psychological construct pertinent to the continuing challenges law firms are currently facing.

LawNet has played host to a range of conferences over the past year, welcoming some of the industry’s most critical thinkers to uncover how businesses can better deal with uncertainty and change.

“One of the first things we saw across our member firms was the increasing adoption of technology as previous barriers to change melted away. From an early stage, firms were reporting that the crisis had accelerated change programmes, often with an IT focus, and many managing partners and IT directors were able to deliver their five-year strategic plans in a fortnight.”

Helen Hamilton-Shaw, the Strategy Director at LawNet also discusses how adaptability, resilience and an openness to change are the three key attributes necessary for law firms to succeed in the transition to tech-based solutions.

Further areas of focus within this piece include:

  • Acknowledging how fast change can be within the legal industry
  • Justifying the importance of flexibility as a law firm
  • Communication and the importance of being human
  • Remaining future focused…

Modern Law Issue 49
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