December 16, 2022

Perfect Portal: Can conveyancing be reduced to weeks instead of months?

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Perfect Portal
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If you've ever been involved in a property transaction, you're likely familiar with the lengthy and often frustrating process of conveyancing. From endless paperwork to multiple stakeholders and the inevitable delays, it can sometimes feel like a never-ending journey.

Yet what if we told you that conveyancing could be reduced from months to weeks? That's right—in this blog, we delve into the revolutionary concept of the conveyancing landscape.

One of the biggest challenges for estate agents today is being able to offer a complete digital journey which streamlines the house-buying process, reduces delays and improves client satisfaction.

For the whole process to run smoothly, everyone involved – estate agent, solicitor and client – has to be pulling in the same direction. But breakdowns in communication can slow things right down, and that can cause problems.

A survey by Home Selling Expert found that the biggest source of client complaints against estate agents were delays (24%) followed by lack of communication (23%).

If that wasn’t pressure enough during the conveyancing process, trading standards are putting more pressure on agents to provide upfront information to buyers, while HMRC also expect agents to carry out comprehensive anti-money laundering checks or face the prospect of heavy sanctions.

And all this hard work is for nothing if the sale falls through, with almost a third falling through (31%) in what is an increasingly tough market.

So being able to provide accurate information, completion statements and timely referrals while retaining full oversight of the sale purchase is vital in order to keep things running smoothly and save time.

Technology is the key to ensuring this and that’s something the wider industry continues to acknowledge, whether that be a document management, matter management or case management system. A survey by Estate Agent Today found clients increasingly value a streamlined digital customer experience, and that’s something estate agents are well aware of too with legal software. In fact, a massive 77% of them believe the whole buying process will be fully digital by 2025.

Seamlessly fully integrated with AgencyCloud

Reapit and Perfect Portal have now teamed up to create a free, easy-to-use integration which enables estate agents to refer clients to conveyancers with the touch of a button – without even having to leave AgencyCloud.

It allows estate agents to send leads to their preferred conveyancers in real time, or even create instant fee estimates and track case progress 24/7, so they’re never in the dark about where things are up to – allowing them to keep clients in the picture at all times with this conveyancing software. They can also collect early property information via the TA6 Part 1 form and save hours on admin.

There’s also no more double data entry because client and property details are automatically pulled across when sending a lead to the solicitor or creating a quote for the client.

This helps bring an end to all the hassle of emails, phone calls and waiting for information to go back-and-forth.

"There are huge pressures on estate agents these days and they have to keep a lot of plates spinning, but technology can help carry that load. Perfect Portal’s new integration with Reapit enables estate agents to build smoother and more productive relationships with clients and conveyancers and keep everything running smoothly."

Richard Garland, Client Relationships Manager | Perfect Portal

Perfect Portal’s cloud-based third party integration with Reapit puts hundreds of the country’s top conveyancing firms at their fingertips. Referring clients, getting quotes, onboarding and viewing case progress then instantly becomes a completely digitised, end-to-end process.  

But estate agents are busy enough and trying to maintain an edge in what is an increasingly difficult market, so they’ll be wondering if they’ve got the time to devote to new technology. The good news is that the app is free, doesn’t require any development work and is easy to install. After a few clicks, this user-friendly conveyancing case management software makes everything ready to go.

With an increasingly tough market, consumer demand for a complete digital journey, and the requirement for smoother working relationships between all parties – utilising the new integration between Perfect Portal and Reapit really is a simple and effective way to stay ahead of the curve.