March 29, 2021

Brexit & the Pandemic Navigating your Firm Through an Upsurge in Conveyancing Requests

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This case study provides an insight into the effects both Brexit and the initial 2020 lockdown had on UK-based conveyancing.

Liz Harris, Head of Commercial and Residential Conveyancing at Best Solicitors, discusses how her firm was able to deal with a growing volume of enquiries, without compromising on a high standard of customer experience.

“We’ve relied on electronic means to manage communication with clients. We’re getting more creative, and our clients are understanding of that.”

Although Brexit and the Pandemic have each posed unique and profound implications to the housing market, an additional factor came into play that generated one of the largest surges in property purchases within the UK over the last decade.

“The commitment over the last twelve to eighteen months with InfoTrack and Perfect Portal has made this busy period and the associated challenges of the last eight months easier.”

Yes, the SDLT (Stamp Duty Land Tax) has made an unequivocal contribution to the rise in property sales, and firms offering commercial property-based practices have been inundated with an ever-increasing volume of client requests.

Learn how, as a firm, Best Solicitors have utilised integrated technologies in a moment of adversity, to ensure their staff members can better manage a higher concentration of matters whilst the conventional structures of office-based work remain in the balance.

This case study will also uncover:

  • Financial and social effects on conveyancing
  • Navigating the digital shift
  • The spec for tech

Modern Law Issue 49
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