August 18, 2020

Say Hello to 10 New Features!

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New Enhancements

Happy August! Today we’re bringing you a little light summer reading and 10 sizzling-hot new system features. Without further ado:

1. Website Intake Form to Capture Leads on all Matter Types

Our brand new Website Client Intake Forms allow you to capture leads on all matter types from your website. Embed the form onto a page or have it as a floating form.

2. Receive Leads for all Matter Types from your Referrers

Now your Referrers can send you leads for other areas of law from Referring Smart or your Branded App!

3. Login Bar Plugin for your Website

Make it easier for your staff, clients, referring partners and other parties to log in to their portal directly from your website.

4. Schedule Automatic Email Follow-Ups so Nothing Gets Missed

Don’t have time to chase your potential prospects once you’ve sent them a quote? Schedule an automatic email or SMS.

5. Advanced Client Intake Option via the Quote & Enquiry Emails

Enable the Client Intake Option to get your clients to confirm their details, add additional comments and activate their app by clicking the ‘Instruction Button’ in the initial email.

6. Add a ‘Request Callback’ Button to your Emails

Add a ‘Request Callback’ button to your emails, where clients can confirm their contact details after clicking the button.

7. Google Ads Integration to Track Advertisement Success

Easily enable the Google Ads integration. Add all the campaign details, lead sources and start tracking the success of your ads.

8. Formal Instruction Tile to Track the Initial Documents Signed by Clients

Formal Instruction Tile to see how many clients have actually signed and returned the initial documents. Ask your Account Manager to activate.

9. Monthly Pulse Reports with Key Stats on your Firm’s Performance

Monthly (or upon request) pulse report with Key Stats to measure your firm’s performance on a month-by-month basis.

10. Case Critical Timeline Dashboard Tile

Add the new Case Critical Timeline Tile to your dashboard by clicking ‘customise dashboard’ on the top right. This will give you complete visibility of your timeline, you can view how many cases are due to exchange or how many are almost ready for completion!

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