May 11, 2017

How Conveyancers Can Stay Ahead of the Game in 2017

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Perfect Portal
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Despite the uncertainty that has been created by Brexit, it is never a better time to do things differently to your competitors. Here are Perfect Portal’s top four suggestions that will help your business deliver a reliable and holistic service to all both your clients and your prospective clients.

1. Go above and beyond.

Customer service is key. Answer all phones when ringing, return phone calls promptly and adopt a proactive rather than reactive attitude. Assign an individual fee earner to look after clients. Make your clients feel like they are the centre of your world.

2. Meet the expectations of agents and clients.

Do not over promise and under deliver. If an agent rings and asks where a case is up to, don’t say “We haven’t heard from the Vendors solicitors, I will chase it”. It makes it sound as though they have had to prompt you to do update the case. Instead respond with “We would expect the Vendors Solicitor to come back to us in 5 days, if they have not done so, our diary systems will prompt us to chase them”. This was you are managing their expectations.

3. Collaborate with Real estate agents and clients.

Have joint collaborative meetings with estate agents to discuss any communication issues and to share best practices. Buy in from all parties improves efficiency and will ensure clients’ needs are met.

4. Have a great website that visually stands out with excellent content.

We live in a time of instant gratification. Potential clients want information they require at their fingertips so make sure your website is up to date and displays all your contact information and the process a client needs to follow to receive a quote.

To help you streamline the quoting process Perfect Portal created Instruct, a web quote calculator enables prospective clients to generate a conveyancing quote in less than a minute. Perfect Portal also empowers solicitors and conveyancers to:

  • Generate quotes, fast
  • Work directly with referrers
  • Manage quotes
  • Reduce time spent communicating with all parties

Make sure your business is delivering the best service possible in an unstable market.