SRA Transparency Guidance

Discover our suite of tools to help you stay compliant with SRA and CLC price and service transparency guidance, as well as our new best practice guidance for client reviews.
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Provide complete transparency
from the initial enquiry to completion
Our conveyancing quote calculators and digital onboarding solutions ensure your firm follows unique guidance directed by The Solicitors Regulation Authority (SRA) and The Council for Licensed Conveyancers (CLC). Provide instant, transparent quotes; effectively collect and engage with online reviews.
Provide unambiguous, transparent pricing
When pricing is transparent, prospective clients can make more informed decisions about their legal services. Embrace service transparency, win more business and enhance client experience whilst remaining fully compliant with the SRA & CLC guidance.
Provide transparent costs on your website
Explain the basis of your rates in alignment with each matter
Highlight likely disbursements and referral fees
For additional information, find out more by visiting the SRA website and the CLC website.
Pricing transparency and compliance made simple
Our automated calculators will give a detailed quote in minutes. Your clients will be provided with a personalised cost breakdown reflecting what they asked for, with no surprises further down the line.
Clear guidance to manage client reviews
The SRA and other regulatory legal bodies have collated all of the necessary information for you to stay up-to-date on legal procedures. This includes best practice guidance when responding, displaying feedback, or engaging with client reviews online.
Proactively publish information on key indicators of service quality
Reviews can be published directly by your law firm, or hosted by third parties such as comparison websites
Voluntary code of conduct in place to ensure that the comparison websites are independent, transparent and fair to both consumers and legal services providers.
For additional information on client reviews guidance visit the SRA website and the CLC website.
Take the hassle out of collecting client reviews
Collect client reviews directly from your app at the click of a button and display them automatically across online channels including Google, ReviewSolicitors and on your website. Demonstrate your firm's credibility and instil confidence for future clients.
“Emails tend to get lost amid other emails. The Perfect Portal app brings specific and relevant developments to the client’s attention; it doesn’t overload them with information. Perhaps most importantly, the app is secure enough to meet regulatory requirements. It ticks the GDPR boxes and clears compliance hurdles. It also helps cement the client relationship, they feel that we care about them.”
Peter Carr, Partner
Fisher Jones Greenwood Solicitors
Remain compliant & stay ahead of your competition
Contact us to find out how you can provide complete transparency of service in digital methods to all parties involved in a matter.
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