Personalised Communication

Legal Client Management Software

Automate communication with your clients and other parties whilst keeping the personal touch that makes your firm unique.
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Fast. Modern. Convenient.
Take advantage of innovative business-enhancing technology to remove risks and delays associated with traditional forms of communication. Enhance client experience by offering instant and convenient communication with an automated workflow.
Win back time and elevate your brand profile
Set your firm apart from your competition and deliver the ultimate client journey with fully branded communication. Utilise the power of key stages and an automated workflow to save time whilst keeping all parties updated throughout the transaction.
Fully Branded - Bespoke mobile app and online portal for your staff, clients, referrers, and third parties.
Professional Templates - Unlimited access to a suite of branded email templates to automate your communication process.
SMS, Email, Push Notifications - Schedule and send personalised matter progress updates to all parties at the click of a button.
Convenient - Chat with your clients, securely send and receive documents, and collect reviews directly from your app.
Email Campaigns - Build and deliver email campaigns to your referrers with the Marketing Centre and track the success rate.
Communicating via your app and online portal with everyone involved can speed up transactions significantly and save your firm time and money.
“Choosing to move to the branded app and making use of all of the features that come with it has been the best decision that we have made in progressing our business and communicating with our clients.”
Bethany Howells
Conveyancing Executive and HPLC Conveyancing
Taking the lead in the communication revolution
Providing the tools to build better and knowledge-driven communication
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