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TA6 Form Management

Utilise this ground-breaking feature to seamlessly collect key property data at the marketing stage and win instructions sooner whilst being better informed.
Revolutionising the upfront collectionof key property information
This pioneering technology brings estate agents, sellers, and conveyancers closer together to improve and speed up the home-buying experience for all parties.
Combine the familiar TA6 form with the power of a digitised workflow
In a streamlined version of the full TA6 questionnaire, Perfect Portal, InfoTrack, and The Law Society have created a cutting-edge digital form to enhance the home-buying experience.
Information collected will automatically pre-populate into the full TA6 and the sale contract, saving both time and money by reducing drop off rates.
Seamlessly gather relevant property information required to help buyers make more informed decisions whilst helping agents market properties more effectively.
Includes questions on the supply of services and utilities, flooding, compliance with planning and building applications, common areas shared with neighbours, and more.
"The TA6 as a digital form contains crucial information needed at the marketing stage, but until now, as a paper or digital form, collating the data from multiple parties was only possible post-offer, after a solicitor was instructed.
In this beta project, Part 1 can be completed by the seller upfront and fed into the full TA6, solving a challenge the market has been facing for many years."
Andrew Moroney
Commercial Proposition Manager
The Law Society
A simpler, digital future for your firm
Build stronger instructions from the outset by capturing key data at the early stages of the property transaction process within a fully automated digital journey.
Build Stronger Instructions - Get instructed faster at the marketing stage of a property, armed with more information.
Streamlined Experience - Speed up the market-to-sale timeline and the completion of a sale or purchase.
Early Information - Get up-front access to key property information needed from your clients.
Improved Client Care - Dynamic forms allow you to check clients' progress and offer the appropriate assistance.
Supporting agents to achieve sales quicker
This cutting-edge feature empowers agents to deliver best practices when marketing the property through the effective use of digital data.
Speed up Processes - Get clients 'sale-ready' faster.
Automated - TA6 Part 1 information can be exported as a PDF and added to property listings.
Effective - Boost sales whilst complying with trading standards with more accurate property marketing.
Reduce Drop-Off Rates - Buyers can make more informed decisions, reducing cancellations of offers after submission.
An intuitive, digital workflow transforming client experience
Provide your clients with the industry’s first digital and streamlined version of the TA6 form and speed up the conveyancing process whilst enhancing client experience.
Early Information - Buyers are provided with up-front information to make more informed decisions.
Convenient - Sellers can complete the form directly from your firm's app, anytime, anywhere and on any device.
Time-saving - The captured TA6 data gets pre-populated to form the sale contract.
Intuitive - With the use of dynamic forms, your clients are guided through each step of the process.
"Property mark supports the speeding up of the house buying and selling process and to providing greater certainty for everyone involved in the move. Closer collaboration between estate agents and solicitors at the earliest stage in the sale helps everyone. It enables the solicitor to get instructions straight away, flags up issues really early on, so that resolution can commence and so saves many weeks, thus speeding up cash flow, reduces cancelled sales and abortive work and enhances the client experience. It is undoubtedly the way ahead and through embracing new technology today, forward thinking agents should expect a significant competitive advantage."
Simon Wilkinson FNAEA
Main Board Director
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