March 22, 2021

2020: Crisis or Catalyst for Change?

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The pervasive nature of the past year has resulted in firms accelerating their transition to digital processes.

There is no education like adversity, and Slater & Gordon understand this more than any other firm establishing their footing upon the unfamiliar ground the legal sector currently stands.  

“We were able to deliver our services very rapidly and to a very high standard and almost offer business as usual to our customers.” – Rob McKellar, Senior Practice Director at Slater &Gordon.

Having found a winning formula for the company’s transition to remote working, their openness to change and capacity to adapt has proved pivotal to their continuing success.

Rob is joined by Alicia Alinia, Chief People Officer, as they uncover how their firm’s ethos is built upon the foundations of a progressive nature, and how the rapid transition to digital has, subsequently, resulted in them becoming a paperless firm, achieving this target much earlier than expected.

This broad-ranging discussion with key members of S&G also unearths how their top50 law firm has utilised technology to adhere to the sudden changes within the industry. They will also discuss how streamlining their software whilst converting to an output-based staff performance model has impacted their firm’s culture for the better.  

This Q&A session also includes further insight regarding:

  • Embracing tech internally
  • The importance of eSignature technology
  • Consumer confidence
  • Embracing change as opposed to fearing it

Modern Law Issue 49
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