Legal Lead Intake Software

Smoothly guide your clients through your website with lead-enhancing widgets to maximise every opportunity.
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Optimised for conversion
Make a great first impression with a user-friendly interface that allows you to capture leads straight from your website for any area of law and help you turn visitors into clients.

Capture more leads with matter-specific lead intake forms
Add the lead intake forms to the relevant pages on your website and make it easier for potential clients to enquire about your services. Instant alerts will be sent to your staff to follow up the lead immediately.
Maximise Reach - Capture leads for all areas of law.
Track Success - Measure your forms' performance across your website.
Automatic Follow-up - Turn your leads into clients with automatic SMS and email follow-ups.
Flexible Options - Embed the forms right where you need them on your website or as a popup after a button is clicked.
Enhance the client journey by streamlining your lead intake via your website
Make it smooth and straightforward for potential clients to get in touch about the services you offer from one unique form.
“Clients can feel the benefit of Perfect Portal and its success has fed into the business of the firm – BLJ has seen a 50% increase in conveyancing work as a result and we have experienced a 15% year-on-year growth with no sign of slowing down.”
Mike Leeman
Managing Partner at Bell, Lamb & Joynson

Increase sales and enhance customer experience
Capture every lead from your website and turn them into a client quickly.
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