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Icons + Floating Lead Intake Forms & Calculators

Areas of expertise

Add an icon for each area of law you service with a button underneath that links to that Lead Intake Form
or the Instant Quote Calculator.
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& probate
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Get expert legal advice on
Personal Injury

Add an image or a video on one side with a short blurb about the area of law or a particular matter type on the other side.

Always make sure to add a Call to Action button to ensure no lead gets missed. A dedicated Calculator or a Lead Intake Form can be launched by clicking the button.
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image + embedded lead intake form

Will writing specialists

Embed a Lead Intake Form for any matter right where you have more
information and use imagery to make the area more consumer friendly.
image + embedded matter specific quote calculator

Residential Property Purchase

Rather than just having the calculator for all matters, embed a
matter specific Quote Calculator beside an image to make it
more user friendly.
matter type boxes + floating quote calculators

Experts in Residential Property

Add icons for each matter type with a short blurb on your home page or on a service-specific page with a
button under each icon that links to that matter specific floating Quote Calculator or the Lead Intake Form.
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New build
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shared ownership
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SALE & Purchase
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Transfer of Equity
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Transfer of Equity made easy

Embedd a matter specific Calculator or a Lead Intake Form onto a dedicated service page without any
images. Below is an example of a dedicated Embedded Quote Calculator for Transfer of Equity.

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Promote your branded app on your website with the app images, video, client testimonials and make sure to add links to both Google Play Store and the App Store.

This will help you win more clients.
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