Gain more leads. Strengthen relationships.
Open the door to more business
We have created the perfect integration to allow estate agents to create new business for you and share those all-important leads with your new business team at the touch of a button.

Reapit is the CRM platform for over 6,000 estate agents. We have worked with them to build a digital bridge that sends the leads agents are generating in Reapit, directly to your new business team, without the agent ever having to leave their CRM.
Perfect Portal equips solicitors with the right technology
We understand the relationship between solicitors and estate agents does not always run smoothly; we want to bridge that gap. We have integrated with all major case management systems, so when your case handlers progress their cases, Perfect Portal picks up those updates and sends them directly to your estate agents for them to view within Reapit.

Speeding up the process and keeping your agents informed regularly without any extra work for you.

“We put solicitors at the heart of everything we do.”
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We can help estate agents move the conveyancing process along by speeding up some of the things that tend to slow it down. We have done some great work with The Law Society in digitising the TA6 Part 1 property information form in order to get upfront, material information to estate agents more quickly so they can start marketing the property more effectively. They can also track all the key stage updates on the transaction to know exactly what’s happening and when.”  
Richard Garland
Client Relationship Manager
Revolutionising the conveyancing process
Get more leads, faster
We’ve made it easy for agents to send you leads. All they have to do is click the Perfect Portal button, select your firm and the lead is sent directly to you.
Strengthen relationships
Provide your agents with the tools they need to refer work to you quickly. They can stay up to date on the matter progress with real-time key stage updates.
Stay ahead of the curve
Our Reapit integration does all the heavy lifting for you. Sending and receiving data between you and your agent, generating more business for you and enabling better communication to your agents.
What does this mean for my buyers and sellers?
Our industry-leading and user-friendly technology is helping firms digitally onboard buyers and sellers at a time that works best for them.

No more waiting for clients to take time out of work to come into your office.

You can verify their ID, funds and receive payment all from your branded app. Moving from paper-based to digital offers your buyers and sellers a seamless, easy and secure onboarding journey.
“Choosing to move to the branded app and making use of all of the features that come with it has been the best decision that we have made in progressing our business and communicating with our clients.”
Bethany Howells
Conveyancing Executive @HPLC Conveyancing
Is there any additional development work required to enable this integration?
The beauty of this integration is that there is no development work needed for you to get started. We’ve done it all for you!

Is there an additional cost to have the integration?
The Reapit integration is FREE to premium clients. To upgrade to premium simply contact your Perfect Portal Client Success Manager.

How will I know if my referrer agent uses Reapit?
We have designed an email you can send to your estate agents which will help to find out this information. We can even help if they are not a Reapit client.
60,000 estate agents use Reapit
12,000 estate agent branches worldwide
820,000 properties under management

The possibilities are endless!
An intelligent digital channel
Streamline your client onboarding process with everything you need in one complete solution
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