"I was recommended Perfect Portal, and we discovered the solution to a problem we didn't know we had. Clients can feel the benefit of Perfect Portal and its success has fed into the business of the firm –BLJ has seen a 50% increase in conveyancing work as a result and we have experienced a 15% year-on-year average growth with no sign of slowing down."

Mike Leeman, Managing Partner, Bell Lamb & Joynson Solicitors

“The improvements in efficiency that have resulted from the Tikit P4W integration are a huge boom. The data accuracy has noticeably improved, saving time in the process. Before, legal secretaries would end up duplicating information as they had to transfer data over manually, which introduces a margin for error. Now that we’ve integrated, the process is seamless – information is transferred straight from Perfect Portal. The integration knocks down the walls between client and firm, and gets the whole firm singing from the same hymn sheet.”

Lee Salih, Business Director
Ian Bury, Sales & Marketing Manager

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“We are able to deliver a fantastic digitised journey to our customers and introducers through our branded mobile app and online portal. We have Perfect Portal integrated with our case management system P4W, which removes the need to access multiple platforms and the need to re-key data, saving our staff time. Our customers are kept up to date on their transaction progress through the matter tracking facilities and it allows the customer to work seamlessly with us from their own device. We are a digital-driven law firm and these tools enable us to provide a greater experience to everyone involved.”

Rob McKellar, Head of CLS Strategic Growth & Residential Conveyancing

“The benefits of switching to Perfect Portal were immediate. It’s simple to use. It’s helped us gain more business. And even if a client decides not to use us, the feedback that we get from the system is useful. The referrer app and platform not only helped us get and manage the referred business but win it much more quickly. The experience with Perfect Portal’s branded client app exceeded expectations – enabling us to gain a competitive edge.”

Karen Turner, Business Development Manager

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“McMillan Williams provide conveyancing through their multi-branch offices and started using Perfect Portal in 2017. Perfect Portal has given us a good reason to contact both existing and new introducers and is a great tool to help us meet the demands of our clients and referrers. The branded literature supplied by Perfect Portal at launch was very helpful and assisted us in promoting this quickly and easily.”

Paul Arscott, Business & Strategy Manager

“Emails tend to get lost amid other emails. The Perfect Portal app brings specific and relevant developments to the client’s attention; it doesn’t overload them with information. Perhaps most importantly, the app is secure enough to meet regulatory requirements. It ticks the GDPR boxes and clears compliance hurdles. It also helps cement the client relationship; they feel that we care about them.”

Peter Carr, Partner and Head of IT

"Our employees love using Perfect Portal. The dashboard is really clean, it is a great interface and very simple to navigate."

Paula Langley, Practice Manager, Bookers and Bolton Solicitors

“It is really easy to find the data you need, and you can easily keep track of how much business is coming in and how much is being lost. We save at least one hour per case by using Perfect Portal’s Key Stages to update all parties involved in a transaction with the click of a button. It’s also great to track new business coming from referrers, they can be quickly updated and log into their own app when on the go. Our clients love the app, it fits in seamlessly with our ethos at Holden Smith, which is to utilise technology to facilitate modern and open communication. This is somewhat of a rarity in the industry.”

James Smith, David Bancroft and Jamie Megson, Directors

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“Perfect Portal is integrated with InfoTrack so we can go to the Perfect Portal page, key in the property details, and then InfoTrack will pull the correct searches for that particular postcode. That information goes straight back into Perfect Portal; it’s itemised in the quote facility, then it goes out as an email to the client with a PDF attachment; the quote, with our fees, is stamped into that alongside InfoTrack’s search fees. The two systems together work brilliantly.”

Julian Ganley, IT Manager

“The introduction of Perfect Portal into our business strategy has had the effect and feel of an ‘extended’ workforce, by having a new group of quote generators all directing standardised quotes to us, for our services. Once the system is set up it produces fast and accurate quotations and is extremely easy to use. The support team at Perfect Portal deserve an award for their continued friendly commitment to supporting us in all our queries. They are always on hand. Our referrers have all given us excellent feedback and the system is fast becoming the backbone of our referred work. Our new website now includes the web calculator, again attracting more work from our prospective clients. Whilst the process of adding onto our web site was incredibly simple. Perfect Portal has the impact of a big professional firm approach whilst retaining its personal feel. I cannot recommend them and the system enough.”

Lorraine Bailey, Practice Manager

"The greatest impact on our business since we have been using Perfect Portal is having such a user-friendly system, but also the way that we can work with our referrers and agents...it has had a huge difference"

Aidan Tidnam, Practice Manager, Rogers and Norton Solicitors

“We’re still a small, traditional practice, but having access to this kind of app sets us apart from our local competition. It’s a modern-looking platform and it’s very user-friendly – it certainly has a positive impact on trying to secure new business from other sources. The app has made our processes more efficient, our telephone traffic has already decreased by approximately 15% due to the implementation of the app, and requests for manual updates from clients has reduced by between 15% to 20%.”

Mark Lloyd, Director

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“We are all accustomed to being able to find information that helps make a decision, quickly. Fletcher Longstaff have recently implemented Perfect Portal to help prospective clients who visit our website out of hours looking for information and costs of services. August saw a new record for us with over 50% of quotes being procured through the website calculator. For us, it clearly demonstrates that implementing technology that caters for the home mover is no longer optional for firms.”

Adam Cheal, Managing Director

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“We have been delighted with the Perfect Portal and InfoTrack integration to assist us with the amalgamation of our three offices. The systems have enabled me as Managing Director of the firm to monitor the volume of Conveyancing work for the staff and ensure that the pricing structure for all three firms remains consistent. We believe it is hugely important to have the quotation tool on our website to allow us to off quotations to clients old and new over the evenings and weekends, particularly in light of the Solicitors Regulation Authority’s current drive for transparency of fees in the legal market. Clients seek accurate figures at a time to suit them and the InfoTrack and Perfect Portal solution enables us to provide this to them in a professional and personal way.”

Richard Roberts, Managing Director

“Having turned to Perfect Portal for our conveyancing quoting, I can say that the calculator has transformed the way we quote and manage our conveyancing transactions. Having used the system for less than 6 months we have seen our conveyancing conversion almost double and this is without winning new referral work. We are now expanding our department to deal with the new work we have won.”

Pritpal Chahal, Practice Manager

“Perfect Portal has simplified how we and clients obtain quotes. The system is aesthetically pleasing which makes the system easy to use. If any hiccups do arise Andy Owen and the team always deal with them immediately. There is always someone at the end of the phone should you need them and of course there is the online chat facility which comes in handy if you have a client on the phone but need help fast.”

Michelle Stevens, New Business Team Leader

“Accurate and fast quoting through Perfect Portal has increased our turnover of residential conveyancing work significantly in a very short period of time. Quick to set up and easy to use. Our Senior Responsible officer, with over 35 years’ experience took to the system immediately and now will not quote without it.”

Keith Betts, Managing Director

“We recently took the Perfect Portal conveyancing quoting product to support a redeveloped website and additional separately branded microsites. Perfect Portal were recommended to us and, having seen the demonstration, we decided to press ahead. The portal was built to our requirements and linked to our websites within a week. The quote generator is easy to use and allows our customers to create a quote in seconds, meanwhile our staff are notified of this immediately and provided with contact details for the customer so that we don’t miss an opportunity to convert a single case. Perfect Portal has allowed us to completely revolutionise our approach to capturing online work with zero stress. I would have no hesitation in recommending them.”

Chris Joseph, IT Manager

6 reasons to use Perfect Portal


Our dedicated client relationship managers will ensure you are set up quickly, with all your fee scales, branding and service information in Perfect Portal so you can begin quoting and communicating with your clients immediately.


Generate and send fully branded private, referred or online quotes on all matter types within seconds, with fee scales, quote questions and branded email templates stored for easy pre-population.


Give potential clients the right information the first time, every time. You can ensure the details you provide are reliable with our unique integration that draws prices from third parties for accurate quoting for conveyancing.


With consumers demanding efficiency, our Key Stages allow you to update all parties involved with personalised messages in one simple click, saving you time, improving your service levels and enhancing your customer experience.


Enhance your customer experience and streamline the journey with fully branded digital communication and branded mobile app for your firm. The app and online platform is secure and can be used by your staff, clients, referrers and other parties involved in a transaction.


Data-driven decisions ensure positive business growth. Utilise the dynamic reporting suite, smart dashboard, and control centre to view business intel on your pipeline, staff
performance, ROI analysis and activity per lead and matter to improve new business efficiencies.

Did you know?

Perfect Portal clients convert an average of 70% of their leads into clients.