What is transparency?

Transparency is more than just a price. We use technology on the daily basis and client’s expectations have changed and the meaning of service has evolved. We’re used to obtaining instant information at our finger tips. Home movers expect the same when they are dealing with a law firm, they want transparency of fees and service so there are no surprises.

According to research, 59% of home movers are getting two or more quotes before selecting their conveyancer as clarity on all fees is important to todays’ consumer. It doesn’t stop just at the quote level, 80% of home movers want digital communication and the ability to track their case progress via mobile app or an online portal.

This demonstrates clients’ real perception of transparency but more so, how law firms should be thinking.

How Perfect Portal can help you provide transparency?

Perfect Portal enables firms to provide complete transparency from quote to completion. Firms can generate private, referred or online quotes with accurate fees within seconds.

The system also allows the firm to provide transparency of service to all parties by sending automatic case updates with just one click, saving users time whilst increasing customer service experience.

Bookers and Bolton Solicitors are providing transparency to their clients with Perfect Portal.