Features of Perfect Portal to help you become more client-focused 

Thursday, Feb 13th at 12:30pm

According to the 2019 Legal Trends Report, the firms that have achieved high growth over a sustained period of time, have been able to do so due to two critical factors:

  1. Focus on client experience
  2. Focus on firm efficiency

This webinar is all about how you can use Perfect Portal to become more client-focused and enhance your clients’ brand experience throughout their journey with your firm. We have launched new features over the last couple of months that will provide you with the ultimate flexibility you need to reach out to your target audience.

Lottie, one of our Client Success Managers will show you all aspects of the system that you can tailor to your brand, including the new custom headers, email templates and enhancements to the Key Stages.

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We will now be hosting short weekly webinars to share new system features and tips & tricks about the system, make sure you tune in!

Next weekly webinar on ‘How to take advantage of the App and an online portal for your Referrers‘.