Case Study Breeze and Wyles

How Perfect Portal increased our organic growth.

Before switching to Perfect Portal the team at Breeze and Wyles had been using an alternative product, however, were continuously being frustrated by the lack of control they had over the program, were constantly experiencing delays in updating fees and there was a lack of integration with their other software.

“In the 11 months of using Perfect Portal we have doubled the amount of Instructions we have received and more importantly to us, we now have complete control over the fees we charge and our bottom line! Perfect Portal has also enabled us to gather better analytical data of our transactions which we use to build upon and incorporate into our business plans” says Peter Jones, Business Development Manager at Breeze and Wyles.

Implementation, support and training was very important to Peter due to the frustrations experienced with their previous solution. “The speed of setup and the flexibility that we had in terms of how we could carry out our work made implementing Perfect Portal effortless process. It was very simple and straight forward to get out heads around in just one day we went from not using the system to using it! We found that Customer Service was always on hand should we need them, answering any questions or queries we had; I can’t praise the support and service the Perfect Portal team provided enough!”

As a business, Breeze and Wyles also really wanted to increase their organic growth and manage their referrer relationships.

“Perfect Portal allows us to have direct control over relationships which enables us to build upon our existing relationships and generate new ones, separating us from being just another panel solicitor for a firm to choose from. A big concern for us was that our brokers would struggle with using and implementing portal, however, one of the best things about the system is that all the brokers we have registered have also found it easy to learn and use. Without pushing it, I’ve had secondary broker offices ask to sign up because the first broker was raving about it so much!

Perfect Portal has also helped us improve the administration side of things, the dashboard layout means we can clearly see what needs to be done and the daily reminders mean that we never miss deadlines; the automatic invoicing makes life so much easier!

Perfect Portal has not only doubled the number of initiations we receive but has also helped us become a stronger business by increasing our efficiency. The system has also provided avenues for us to develop stronger relationships with clients and referrers setting us apart from other businesses.”

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Peter Jones

“In the 11 months of using Perfect Portal we have doubled the amount of Instructions we have received”

Peter Jones
Business Development Manager at Breeze & Wyles Solicitors LTD

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