I want to automate communication in my firm

Time is of the essence when it comes to following up conveyancing quotes. The quicker you communicate with a potential client after a quote has been sent, the more likely you are to convert the quote to an instruction. However, remembering to follow up a quote AND then finding time to do so often slips to the bottom of many conveyancers to do list.

We understand you spend a large bulk of the day responding to the many emails and phone calls checking on the status of a case by one of the many interested parties. This decreases productivity and can negatively impact your conveyancing revenue as it limits your capacity to take on more conveyancing work.

Perfect Portal is the only sales and communication management software solution purpose built for conveyancers designed to automate communication.

Once a quote has been generated (via Instruct, a referrer or privately) Perfect Portal’s automated Chase Client feature and Diary Reminders sent straight to your inbox ensures maximum business efficiency, increases conversions with minimal effort, and never lets you miss an instruction opportunity.

Once the quote progresses to an instruction, Perfect Portal’s Traffic Light and Key Stage Notification features will ensure accuracy and transparency throughout the conveyancing process. When a Key Stage has been completed, all parties involved in the transaction are updated in real-time via automated emails and portal notifications. This significantly reduces phone calls and emails from all parties.

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