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Top four tips for getting your brand seen.

"In a world, full of hashtags and SEO knowing the most effective way to market yourself is confusing and overwhelming"

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No matter the size of your business finding a way to stand out from the crowd can be difficult. In a world, full of hashtags and SEO knowing the most effective way to market yourself is confusing and overwhelming. To help you find your business identity, the team at Perfect Portal have put together a list of our top four marketing tips.

Top four tips for getting your brand seen;

1. Know your business

This step might seem obvious and simple but often companies forget that although it is great to be different from competitors, at the end of the day, all advertisements need to highlight what you do and most importantly how you are different. Knowing your business also means you know the areas you don’t want to compromise on. Don’t try to be the best at everything. Its ok not to have the lowest prices or the most variety, but be committed to the work you do produce and emphasise that in your marketing.

2. Ensure your website is up to date (simple things like correct contact details, email address)

An out of date website that has the wrong addresses or contact information on it looks unprofessional. Keeping all your contact information up to date including phone numbers, email address and your business address mean that people can find and contact you. If your website shows employees on it make a conscious effort to keep that up to date too. Often people will look at photos and bios and decide prior to contacting who they would like to work with, so making sure that all information displayed on the employees page is also very important when trying to maintain a professional website.

3. Social presence - be where you market is

Although many professionals are hesitant about entering the world of social media it is one of the most effective ways to reach and communicate with both prospects and clients alike. Facebook is a great platform for conveyancers to promote their business. Their targeted advertising means that all your advertainments reach the right audience. It also allows you communicate to people on a platform they are comfortable in using.

4. Google places - show people you are open for business

Google Places is a tool introduced by Google that allows you to enter in key information about your business that comes up in a dashboard on both google and in Google maps. The dashboard allows people to quickly see and access important information such as opening hours, contact details and location.

Staying up to date and using current technologies helps give you an advantage over your competitors. Perfect Portal is a unique conveyancing software designed to help you stand out from the crowd. The software ensures that your brand always delivers the best possible image and helps you take full advantage of any opportunity to engage your customers. From your personalised portal to customised marketing collateral, we ensure you stand out to referrers and clients.

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