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" of the biggest issues people face when trying to get them organised is attempting to multi-task"

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For many people, the 24 hours they get in a day isn’t enough time to accomplish everything they wanted to achieve. You are not alone in the struggle of trying to get things done, it is a common battle among all types of people from CEO’s, to parents, to world class actors. For everyone different organisation methods are effective, Kristi Hedges from Forbes, suggests that one of the biggest issues people face when trying to get them organised is attempting to multi-task.i

Multitasking affects a person’s ability to manage their time effectively. Frustrated by her poor time management, at the beginning of the year, one of my colleges started scheduling all her work tasks into her outlook diary. Since then she has seen her productivity increase dramatically. She says it holds her more accountable for the tasks for each day, knowing anyone could look in her diary and see what she has been working on and what she hopes to achieve in the day is a great motivator for getting things done. To some, scheduling everything in may seem quite extreme, however to those who struggle with staying focused on one task at a time it is a method that may work. Knowing there is time for other tasks later in the day takes the pressure off and stops your mind wandering and worrying about other tasks. For this method to be successful, unless the matter is urgent you need to be meticulous about changing when the time allocated is up. “If I haven’t finished it in the time I have given myself then, I’m either over thinking it and not being productive or the job is bigger than I thought and I need to reassess what I need to do to complete it”, my colleague says. Hedges agrees that this form of scheduling is a good skill to implement if you are struggling with time management.

Tim Patterson, the CEO of Tommy John, was also struggling with his time management, constantly losing time trying to get on top of his emails. To combat his struggle, he set himself the rules that he would only check his emails before 9 am and after 5pm, the rest of the time he would log off and his out of office would notify employees that he would not be responding until after hours and if the matter was urgent to call or text. Knowing they would have to wait for a response Patterson found people stopped emailing him. He also wasn’t getting as many phone calls. Patterson believes that the small change brought a positive, proactive change to both him and the business, people were working out how to solve issues and answer questions.ii

Hedges said, it seems that all people with good time management have one thing in common, they set themselves targets and goals that they can achieve. Rather than try to tackle a job in one big chunk they break it down into small sections.

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