Don’t Bridget Jones Your New Year’s Resolution

Top 6 tips to sticking to your business goals in 2017.

"Look at what you and your business have achieved over the last year and make a realistic and achievable goal based on that"

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According to Forbes, only 8% of people follow through on their New Year’s resolutions, the other 92% are more like Bridget Jones, setting resolutions with great enthusiasm and determination but, after the first weeks or months, lose momentum and the motivation to see them through. We have created a list of the 6 top tips to help you make your business resolutions stick!

1. Be realistic: don’t set yourself unattainable goals

The idea that a new year brings a new you and a new way of doing new things is a great way to look at it, but change doesn’t happen overnight. Look at what you and your business have achieved over the last year and make a realistic and achievable goal based on that. If you are only bringing on 500 new clients, the chance you will bring on 5000 in a year is very small. Change takes time so don’t set yourself up to fail!

2. Set your new year’s resolution as a question you can answer

Posing your New Year’s resolution as a question, rather than a statement, gives you flexibility and allows you to create a clear action plan. For example, rather than the resolution be “I will increase my client base by 500 this year” phrase it as a specific question you will be able to answer; “How will I use social media to reach a greater audience to increase my client basis by 500?” When creating your motivating question start broad and workshop it to create a specific and focused question.

3. Break it up

Once you have decided on your question brainstorm ways in which you could approach answering the questions. Select the best ideas from your brainstorm and create an action plan for seeing them through. A task is much more bearable in smaller pieces, setting yourself milestones to achieve on the way to the bigger goal will also help to keep you motivated and focused. Creating an action plan will also allow you to see the steps you are taking to achieve the goals and bring change to the business.

4. Share your new year’s resolutions

Sharing your New Year's resolution with other people will help you stay accountable for achieving your goal. One of the biggest mistakes people make when setting their resolutions is keeping it to themselves, getting input from staff and people around the business will help you come up with creative and new ways of achieving your goal.

5. Don’t try and change everything at once

Changing too much at once will have a negative effect on your business. Focus on one area and completing one goal at a time. Often goals are linked so by making advances in one area you see positive effects in other areas. It will also take your staff time to adjust to the changes being made, bombarding them with too many changes will drop morale and make the task seem far more unstable and overwhelming.

6. Reflect on your success, evaluate your question and ask more questions

As the year goes on it is important to reflect on the question you asked about your business and look at the answers you have provided. When reflecting on your initial question ask yourself; what have you done so far? What are your new plans? What has worked? What can we do better? It is ok to adjust the question as you go, maybe it was too broad or the scope too small, don’t be afraid to adjust the resolution to suit the business. Answering the questions will help keep you motivated.

What it will look like:

My New Year's question to answer:
"How will I use social media to reach a greater audience to increase my client basis by 500?"

Brainstorm how will I answer the question/ what I need to know:
What social media platforms do I use?
Are there any other platforms I could use?
What type of content do I want to post?
How will I promote my content?

My To-do List
Look at existing social media platforms and evaluate
Consider other social media platforms
Create/ update social media platforms
Research effective ways of promoting content on each platform
Create a content plan for content
Post content
Promote the posts
Evaluate and review

Most importantly, don’t let go of your inner Bridget Jones completely. Like Bridget, you will not always be successful and the journey will not be all smooth sailing, but by keeping track of your progress you will be able to enjoy reaching milestones.

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