How to build a positive conveyancing business culture

"...if people enjoy what they do and where they do it, they will keep on doing it"

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Over the last decade, the importance of creating a strong culture within your business has become much more prevalent in business practices. According to Greg Besner (CEO, Culture IQ), there is a direct correlation between a strong, positive culture and employee retention and engagement. But how do get a positive business culture? Is it something that you can work on and can you introduce it to your business?

Besner believes it is a little bit of both. The first step to introducing or creating a positive workplace culture is to understand exactly what culture is. Many people believe that creating culture means spending money on bean bags, work parties or extravagant work trips. These things, of course, are all great things to do and are a great way to attract people to your company, but in the long term they contribute very little to overall job satisfaction and do not create a culture. Creating a positive business culture means establishing an evolving set of collective beliefs, values and attitudes within a business.

Whilst there is no way to guarantee harmony among people in your organisation, having core values that people are expected to demonstrate in their work and the workplace can help align your employees. The values should be something that are in line with your brand's image, purpose and aim. Just having core values is not enough to create culture, it is important that people practice the core values. Celebrating when people do something that represents the values of your business, is a fantastic way to solidify and encourage people to continue to uphold them.

Similarly having both long term and short term business goals that are communicated to the entire business is another step you can take towards implementing a positive culture. When creating the goals make sure they are both achievable and realistic. If your people can’t achieve their goals it becomes demoralising and has the opposite effect on culture, as with the sense of failure surrounding them, job satisfaction decreases. People who are working towards a common goal with similar direction will be more motivated to help and support those around them.

As well as implementing values and goals at a top level it is important to do small things to help create a positive culture. A regular morning tea is a great way of bringing staff together and getting them to engage with one another. It lets people get to know each other in a more relaxed and welcoming environment. Similarly, although it may seem old fashioned, having an office sports team is another way to improve your culture. Whilst it is important to have barriers between personal life and work life, sports teams provide a space outside of the office where staff can come together and get to know one another. The structure of team sports means that people must learn to work with others, and although the environment is different, the importance of trusting each other and working towards a common goal mirrors the workplace environment.

Whilst the world keeps changing, one thing will always stay the same, if people enjoy what they do and where they do it, they will keep on doing it. Creating a positive workplace culture is something that will take time and needs to be revisited regularly. If done right, with the goal of increasing employee satisfaction and creating a long-term culture, your people will be able to work and have fun.

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