Are you still on track to achieving your goals?

A Check in Bridget Jones Style

"Be honest when evaluating your goals. Just because you are not close to your target at the moment doesn’t necessarily discount it from being achievable."

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With 2017 well underway are you on track to reach your New Year’s resolutions? Are you finding yourself already giving up on the goals you set yourself having lost all motivation? Now is a great time go over your New Year's resolutions and look at any setbacks and see what you can do to get yourself back on track.

1. Be realistic: don’t set yourself unobtainable goals.

Be honest when evaluating your goals. Just because you are not close to your target at the moment doesn’t necessarily discount it from being achievable. Ask yourself why you are not on track. Is it because the goal is too big or is it because you haven’t implemented the right system to reaching your targets? It’s still early enough to make positive change and get you back on track.

2. Set your New Year’s resolutions as a question you can answer.

Look at the question you set out to answer at the beginning the year, is it still relevant to the business? If the business has undergone significant changes you may need to rework or restructure the question.

3. Break it up.

Look at how you broke up your goals, are the milestones you set yourself helping get to your bigger goal or are they distracting you? Reevaluating your action plan will allow you to see the steps you are taking to achieve the goals and bring change to the business.

4. Share your New Year’s resolutions.

Keep talking about what your plans and goals are. Whether you are ahead of where you thought you would be or are further behind than planned, the more you talk about it the more motivated the people helping you get there will feel.

5. Don’t try and change everything at once.

Look at how your staff are responding to the change. There might be signs in their reactions and motivation as to whether you need to tweak part of the plan. If they are doing well they might be able to start implanting change faster. If there has been a slower uptake of the change, review the implementation process or look at slowing things down.

6. Reflect on your success, evaluate your question and ask more questions.

While you may feel like you are not achieving the big goal, look and reflect on what you have achieved. Some of your milestones may not have been planned however they are also important to acknowledge and celebrate. Just as our friend Bridget Jones does, remember that being honest with yourself about where you and your business are at, is the only way you will be able to improve.

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